For us at CWN, people are most important: our employees, customers, and the surrounding society. The work to contribute to sustainable conditions for people begins with our operations. This means we always make climate-safe choices, prioritize safety and the work environment, and maintain a financially sound operation.


Employees at the center

We aim to create the best possible conditions for everyone working with us. We strive to build an inclusive company characterized by good development opportunities, diversity, gender equality, good leadership, and a safe working environment – to offer the industry’s best workplace.


Health and work environment

Our workplaces must be safe and secure. Job satisfaction and well-being are crucial factors for doing a good job. Equally important is the balance between work and leisure. Due to the short summer here in northern Sweden, taking a vacation during the summer months is essential to us.


Development opportunities

Everyone should be able to develop within our company. We are particularly committed to developing our employees in areas that strengthen our ability to work sustainably, such as leadership, environment, work environment, gender equality, and ethics. It is natural for us that our employees should be able to develop towards personal goals, making the job more enjoyable and providing a sense of reward.


An inclusive and equal company

At CWN, we actively ensure that our company is inclusive equal, and mirrors society. Our employees should have equal rights, opportunities, and responsibilities, and we have zero tolerance for offensive discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, bullying, and discrimination. We stand up for each other and each other’s rights.


Climate and environment

Our impact on climate and the environment should be minimized. We choose to do things a bit more climate-smart whenever possible. And we influence our customers and suppliers to go further in their own environmentally and climate-impacting activities.


Part of society

At CWN, this is how we think: we influence and are influenced by society. Therefore, we always leave as small a climate footprint as possible. We should create opportunities for young people to get summer jobs and develop within their leisure activities. We want to contribute added value to society.